Kevin W. Zhang

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CV, as of 2024-05-03.

Featured (* indicates equal contribution)

AONeuS: A Neural Rendering Framework for Acoustic-Optical Sensor Fusion Mohamad Qadri*, Kevin Zhang*, Akshay Hinduja, Michael Kaess, Adithya Pediredla, Christopher Metzler SIGGRAPH 2024 (conference track full paper)
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Seeing the World through Your Eyes Hadi AlZayer*, Kevin Zhang*, Brandon Feng, Christopher Metzler, Jia-bin Huang CVPR 2024 (Oral, 3.3% of accepted papers)
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PAniC-3D: Stylized Single-view 3D Reconstruction from Portraits of Anime Characters Shuhong Chen, Kevin Zhang, Yichun Shi, Heng Wang, Yiheng Zhu, Guoxian Song, Sizhe An, Janus Þór Kristjánsson, Xiao Yang, Matthias Zwicker CVPR 2023
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Memory-efficient Learning for Large-scale Computational Imaging Michael Kellman, Kevin Zhang, Eric Markley, Jonathan I. Tamir, Emrah Bostan, Michael Lustig, Laura Waller
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3D fluorescence deconvolution with deep priors Kevin Zhang, Michael Kellman, Emrah Bostan, Laura Waller
SPIE BiOS 2020

Others (* indicates equal contribution)

A Scalable Training Strategy for Blind Multi-Distribution Noise Removal Kevin Zhang, Sakshum Kulshrestha, Christopher Metzler Arxiv, 2023

MetaDIP: Accelerating Deep Image Prior with Meta Learning Kevin Zhang, Mingyang Xie, Maharshi Gor, Yi-Ting Chen, Yvonne Zhou, Christopher Metzler arXiv, 2022

Memory-efficient Learning for High-Dimensional MRI Reconstruction Ke Wang, Christopher Sandino, Michael Kellman, Kevin Zhang, Shreyas Vasanawala, Jonathan I. Tamir, Stella Yu, Michael Lustig MICCAI 2021
[Paper] [Code]

Memory-Efficient Learning for Unrolled 3D MRI Reconstructions Kevin Zhang*, Michael Kellman*, Jonathan I. Tamir, Michael Lustig, Laura Waller
ISMRM Workshop on Data Sampling and Reconstruction, 2020
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Side Projects

I also enjoy building small web apps to visualize algorithmic ideas. The source code for these projects is on my Github.

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